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CX File Explorer APK Mod Download for Android / IOs / Iphone you fed up while managing your smartphone, PC, and tablet? The CX file explorer apk is one of the best and most free managing apps which can easily manage all your files without any additional help.

The use of cx file explorer apk is a free app that anyone can use without paying any single buck. This app provides you with a great solution to manage your various documents, videos, and much more things in under one app.

There are lots of benefits of using the cx file explorer apk on your smartphone, PC, laptop, and tablet.

We outline the complete information about the cx file explorer apk in this article, which will surely guide you that how to use this app and what benefits you will get with this apk. Let’s get into the further details!

What Is CX File Explorer APK?

The cx file explorer is an outstanding and top-notch smart application that can easily manage all your files and other applications when you install this app on your smartphone, PC, and tablet. It is a fast and easy app that can work smoothly without any ad disturbance.

Keep in mind that this app will help you to check all your text documents on any smart device at a glance. There are a lot more things you can do with an app such as can easily browse directories, copy and paste any kind of files, and much more actions available in this app.

Moreover, the main tab of this app will help you to see how much free space you have right now on your smart device. Also, you can check how much memory is already taken up by your videos, audio files, and photos. You can also quickly access your smartphone root directory from this main tab and check the list of the installed apps.

However, the second tab of this app will help you to check all the photos, videos, and text files on any smart device such as a smartphone, PC, and tablet. Furthermore, by just tapping on the category you can also see all the directories where these smartphone files are currently stored.

Moreover, on the third tab of this app, you can easily connect any smart device to your personal computer to flexibly manage files on the cx file explorer interface.

The most amazing thing about this app is that you can easily sync with your personal drive, dropbox, and box accounts to efficiently manage the smartphone files on the cloud.

Why Do I Need To Use CX File Explorer?

Using a management app for your android device can be useful in many ways. When you take photos and record videos, after a long period of use these saving files and downloading files will surely take much memory and can also cause you to hang your smartphone.

You may also face several miscellaneous things when you don’t manage properly your smartphone files. If you are a person who doesn’t know how to flexibly manage and organize photos, videos, text files and downloading, then you need to simply use cx file explorer.

The use of cx file explorer is much popular around every region of the world and by installing this apk on your smartphone, you can minimize your smartphone management burden on you.

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What Are The Benefits Of CX File Explorer?

When you download the cx file explorer apk, then you can easily manage your smartphone storage without doing any hard work. The following are the best benefits of using the cx file explorer:

1. Manage All The Files On The Device

This apk will help you to easily manage and organize your desired folders, not with the app preferences but you can do it with your own personal preference.

You can also browse all the files which you want to manage on the device and can create separate folders where you want to put each of these files. With this apk, you can now amazingly systematize all your smartphone data, whether in a group of folders on in a separate folder.

While using cx file explorer, you can easily copy, delete, move, rename, extract, create new folders, and much more actions to minimize the storage of your device. This app also has two long-term benefits, such as:

  • Firstly, it will surely help you to free up space on your smartphone and save enough space for future shots.
  • Secondly, it can be helpful to search for anything on your smartphone after managing the files in the right place.

2. Handle Tasks With Cloud Storage

It is the best feature through which you can easily manage your smartphone files remotely. There are a lot of remote options which you can use in this app to store your personal files on your smartphones and can flexibly share them on the cloud storage.

Moreover, you have the option of the file access on Network Attached Storage such as SMB, SFTP, FTPS, FTP, LAN, and WEBDAV. These are completely supported in this amazing cx file explorer.

3. User-Friendly Interface

The interface of the cx file explorer is super easy and simple, which anyone can use without knowing anything. There are simple options that appear in the app when you open it, and can easily take actions according to your preferences.

Functions, explanations, and displays are completely easy to understand, so you can find out easily what you need. The interface of the cx file explorer is much similar to the office suite and you will surely never find any problem with its outstanding interface.

Moreover, the working of file management is easy and you can quickly manage your all files in a short period.


Now it is easy to manage your all smartphone files by just using the cx file explorer apk. Keep in mind that it comes free of cost, which means you don’t need to pay any amount to access this app. There is no other better app that can manage or store your personal files in a right place.

Your photos, videos, and other personal files will take more memory when they store for a long time, for this purpose cx file explorer is a great management app. With this app, you can also share your personal files such as videos, audio files, text files, and other files to dropbox.

Furthermore, the interface of this app is super clean and easy to understand which surely guides you that how to efficiently manage your files and minimize smartphone storage. In a short period, you can do a lot of things that can easily remove the extra memory or space from your phone.

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