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There are several android applications through which you can easily adjust or set your android applications instantly with just one touch. The QuickShortcutMaker apk is one of the popular android apps which helps you to create an instant shortcut for any android app.

You can now make as many shortcuts on your smartphone device screen as you want and this only happened only with the quickshortcutmaker application.

However, after installing this apk on your desired android device you only need to give permission to the quickshortcutmaker app, and then it will start automatically.

Moreover, if you want to create a shortcut for your gallery app, then with this quickshortcutmaker app you can also easily create one for the video editor which also adds to your gallery app.

However, when you just open this app on your desired android device then you will see a list of your different device activities such as the overall apps which you installed on your mobile and the series of system processes of your device.

Keep in mind that only with a single touch on your desired installed app, you will get complete detail of activities for that app from the start to the given date. The activities of your device apps may have multiple activities and some only have one.

About Quickshortcutmaker apk

Now, you can easily create any application shortcut on your desired device and then launch instantly your favorite actions in no time. This apk is one of the most powerful and legitimate apps which allows you to create a shortcut for both programs and apps on your desired smartphone device.

However, the quickshortcutmaker is completely free of cost and there is not any hard method to operate this app on your device. Also, you can easily create shortcuts for any hidden apps on your device and this happens only with the quickshortcutmaker apk.

Also, you have the option to customize your shortcuts with an amazing collection of icons and names. Furthermore, with the help of this app, you can amazingly create any shortcut from the list of the applications of your desired device at any time you want.

So if you want to choose only one application, then you can smoothly choose your favorite application from the list which will be given by this app.

Moreover, you can also use this app if you want to search for any of your favorites that you want to launch easily. Definitely, it will be more easy for you to create a shortcut for your favorite app and then you can use the shortcut with just one tap.

Strength of the QuickShortcutMaker Apk:

There are many advantages of using this app on any desired smartphone device, but one of the major strengths of this app is that you can instantly customize any application shortcut according to your wish.

Also, you can choose both name and icon, it will be easy for you to mask them amazingly as you can change the icon of your applications to give them the look of the video game.

Moreover, you can also make an instant messaging app that gives a professional appearance of the YouTube app and can make an attractive icon of your gallery which give a video game appearance.

There are many possibilities that come with endless opportunities for creating shortcuts to your desired android applications. Moreover, there are many amazing shortcut features that can easily access app menus in no time and also have easy setting options.

What Are The Features Of QuickShortcutMaker Apk?

When you successfully download and install this application on your desired android device, then your eyes can’t believe the outstanding features of this application.

Your daily life routine while using your android device will be amazingly easy and simple with this application. The details of this application’s features are listed below in details:

  • Search by keyword
  • Filter by activities or tasks, favorites, and apps.
  • Search History
  • Display icons for easier access.
  • Sort results alphabetically.
  • Can also easily choose normal or incremental search mode.
  • Change task icons into different attractive designs and colors.
  • Access directly to the Google play store.
  • From your android home screen, you can easily create as many shortcuts as you want.
  • Share and view application deep information.

Further Key Features Of QuickShortcutMaker APK:

Access hidden functions

With the help of this application, now you can easily access the hidden system apps or items instantly. However, you only need to look up the setting in your desired device home screen, just add it, and can easily close it with just one hand or finger.

Innovative application

Once you successfully installed and download this application, in the next stage you will find a detailed list of the installed application on your desired android device.

All you need to do is simply locate the desired app and then by just tapping it a single time you can easily edit the application. Moreover, the editing section of this application will allow your to change the icon and font of the desired application in no time.


When you successfully change the settings then the app may trigger to close, which is a normal process. Also, you can find a try button through which you can test or check what happens before finalizing your desired shortcut icon.

This application only takes 2MB of storage on your android device which is a great thing for all users. Moreover, in this less-space application, there are multiple attractive icons and fonts which you can set according to your wish easily.

Handy design

This application is one of the neat and handy designs through which any user whether a new or expert in android applications can easily use the quickshortcutmaker app.

Keep in mind that there are multiple power and flexibility options of shortcuts that you can create at any time or anywhere you want.

Download And Install QuickshortcutMaker:

Keep in mind that download the apk of the quickshortcutmaker app from its official website, otherwise, there are various fake applications that can harm your android device settings.

So make sure to download this app from the official site. The downloading steps of this application are listed below:

  • Visit the official website and find the download button of apk.
  • After that you need to wait for a few seconds until the downloading further process will complete.
  • You will get a notification on your android screen that your downloading process of quickshortcutmaker apk is complete.

While installing this application on your desired android device, the download process will only take hardly one minute from you.

It will ask for multiple permissions to access your desired android device and after giving permission the quickshortcutmaker app will be installed on your device. Moreover, it is important that you have a phone backup which is not much necessary but a smart move to protect your data to be lost.


Now, you can enjoy the quickshortcutmaker app on your android device by following the above-listed steps, which guide you that how to download and install this app, and what are the important key features of this app that you should know first.

Make sure to allow permission during the process of downloading this app, until you can’t able to completely install this app. Moreover, there are amazing icons and fonts which you can customize according to your wish while creating a shortcut for your app on your desired android home screen.

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