How To Reset Honda Navigation System

How To Reset Honda Navigation System

The navigation system of a car is one of the magnificent and mandatory equipments, which gives you lots of flexibility. Are you worried about how to reset the Honda navigation system?

The navigation system of a car requires a consistent update, so when you don’t update the navigation system then it can cause many problems.

Most people think that updating a Honda car navigation system is hard and requires a lot of time, but the fact of this thing is completely different from it.

Here, we outline why the navigation system requires updating, how you can reset Honda or any other brand car navigation system, and much more. Grab a chair and dive into the further details!

How To Reset Honda Radio Navigation?

Undoubtedly, the navigation system of a car gives you lots of helpful things which make your ride more comfortable and exciting. If you want to reset your Honda navigation code, then you only need to reset the system by entering four digits secure code which can be found at the bottom of the menu bar.

Make sure these navigation radio codes are bottom of the navigation screen. Moreover, the process of resetting the Honda navigation system code requires less time from you and you can easily reset the radio in simple steps.

However, use four digits code which is at the top of the navigation screen to reset the Honda radio navigation system.

How Can You Unlock The Honda Navigation System?

Keep in mind that Honda released every new update after a specific time, sometimes it can be released before a given time, through which your Honda car navigation system will be more smooth and more secure in any way.

Make sure to get an update on the Honda navigation system from their official website. Moreover, if you want to unlock the Honda navigation system then it is simple and easy. All you need to do is only check the button on the steering wheel of a Honda car.

Now, it’s time to enter your personal identification number which is especially given to your identity. After entering these numbers, your Honda navigation system will be unlocked in no time.

Also, you need to only press and ensure that you are holding the “INFO” button for at least two seconds and then give your pin while using the buttons on the steering wheel.

How To Easily Reset The Honda Navigation System?

Well, the process of resetting the Honda navigation system is super easy and no matter what type of Honda car you have, the touch screen of the car has a reset button.

However, for resetting the Honda car navigation system, it is safe to turn off the car. Make sure to open the driver door only and remove the fuse, which is connected to the car navigation system.

All you need to do is simply replace it and then close the fuse box gently. It’s time to turn on the car and check your car navigation system now.

Why Do You Need To Update The Honda Navigation System?

The question of this answer is simple, when you update your car navigation system then it will give a more secure and smooth experience in many ways.

There are multiple factors that give you thoughts that it is worth updating your Honda car navigation system. When you update your Honda car navigation system, then your individual needs and preferences are completely met with the innovative design of your navigation system.

Moreover, not only best for you but the updated navigation system of your car will also help to enhance the performance of the car navigation system and it also includes innovative features.

What Do You Need To Do To Resetting Honda Car Navigation System?

Well, it is mandatory that you know how much the Honda navigation system update will cost you. Because when you don’t know about the charges of updating the navigation system then it can cause a problem for you.

However, the general cost of updating the car navigation system will range between $400 to $1000. Moreover, to complete the process of updating your Honda car navigation system you just need to access either your personal computer or a laptop.

Also, having stable internet is mandatory while updating your Honda car navigation system. Now, you strictly need to follow the below-listed guidelines in order to update your Honda car navigation system:

Visit official Website

The very first step you need to do is simply go to the official site of Honda. There you can easily find the navigation system category and choose the update option. Make sure you enter your car model and manufacture year too.

After entering this information, you will get verification that either update of your car model is available or not.

However, if you are verified and eligible for the update of your car navigation system, then you can easily download and install Garmin Express while using your personal PC or laptop. Make sure that you have a USB with you which you need to plug into your PC or laptop to transfer the files in it.

Turn off car engine and plug in flash drive

Make sure that your car engine is turned off, then you need to plug in the USB flash drive in your car USB port. After setting up your flash into the car, now you can turn on your vehicle engine and then wait for a few seconds about the information boot-up process.

However, now you can touch the screen of your car, and tap on the option of navigation, click on the settings option.

Here, you can find the device and update the map option. It’s time to update the navigation system by clicking on the continue button. Keep in mind that this process can take only 2 to 3 minutes only, after that you can remove the flash drive.

Use personal PC

In the next step of updating your car navigation system, after taking off your flash drive from your vehicle, you need to launch the Honda Garmin Express program on your personal PC or laptop.

Now, you need to again plug in the flash drive in the computer and follow the instructions on your computer screen. It will verify that update of the new map is available now for your current vehicle.

Moreover, bear in mind that this downloading process will take half an hour depending on the speed of your internet connectivity.

Finally, plug off flash drive

The procedure of updating the Honda car navigation system is almost done now. After downloading and installing the files on your flash drive, it’s time to again plug your flash drive into your car and start the engine. Wait for a few seconds until the boot system runs up.

However, you only need to continue the setting while touching your car screen navigation panel. After 2 – 4 minutes the updation process will be complete. Now, you have an updated version of your Honda car navigation system.

Closing Thoughts

Now all the above details are there for your help, through which you can understand how to reset Honda navigation system in less time. Keep in mind that during resetting your car navigation system if you find anything wrong in your car, then it is better to contact your Honda company support team.

Also, the resetting or updating process of your car navigation system is necessary through which you will get fast and better performance of your car navigation such as innovative design, quick map screening, and much more.

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