TruthFinder Premium Cracked Apk Mod

TruthFinder Premium Cracked Apk Mod – Is There A Free Version?

TruthFinder is a wonderful mobile application that enables everyone to check the real data of another person. Like if someone is calling you from an unknown number, you can use the truthFinder application to see the caller’s name, location, state address, area code, email address, etc.

Many more features are included in this advanced technology-based application that helps to know the truth about every person.

TruthFinder Premium version will not run or work without a subscription method. The subscription process is just a waste of money when you have another option to get this application free on your device.

TruthFinder Premium Cracked Apk Modified version comes with wonderful features, options, and benefits. The wonderful thing is that this android app is totally free and available for everyone without any subscription process.

You can use the truthFinder application for several purposes and the app will run very smoothly in your android version. Let’s discuss this wonderful mobile application and what is special in this cracked version.

How To Use TruthFinder Apk Mod?

This latest modified version comes with additional features, new options, and a fantastic interface. This is a useful application for you to check the information or online data about you and make a complete report.

But truthFinder is not useful for employees, doctors, or any other professional sector. They are not allowed to check the age of the patient, their contact number, address, email, or any other record, etc.

Moreover, the TruthFinder Mod Application collects complete information from public records such as social media accounts. No matter which tool or trick anybody is using to hide his/her data from others. Because truthFinder works like a magic and collects the information of any person within a few seconds.

Some additional topics may be covered in the report such as:

  • Possible relatives if the person has added in his/her record.
  • Current job if a person is doing.
  • The education status like school, college, university, etc.
  • The graduation status.
  • The complete record of births and deaths.
  • The complete birthday with month, day, and year.
  • The exact age and sign.
  • The complete information helps to contact easily.
  • Moreover, the owned vehicle, homes, and wealth record.
  • If a person was arrested in past, then his arrest reports.
  • Moreover, the traffic records that will help to know the complete history.
  • Further, there will be a complete record of a person’s friends, housemates, partners, etc.

How To Use?

The TruthFinder Free version is the same as the premium version but modified with advanced functions, technology, options, etc. Hence, everyone can easily use this application.

  1. You just need to open the TruthFinder application on your smartphone.
  2. Go to the search bar, the application will require just a few seconds and process quickly.
  3. After the process, truthFinder will show you all the information including full name, email address, city, area code, correct name, etc.
  4. The complete report will be in front of you and you can save it or ignore it, depending on you.

Features Of TruthFinder Premium Cracked Apk Mod Latest Version

TruthFinder Premium Cracked version comes with fantastic features that surprise everyone and allows you to use it for free. These are as follows:

Basic Background Check

TruthFinder cracked version enables its users to check the background of a person and collect the correct information. Hence, this free version will allow you to do anything you want. Within a few seconds, all the data, history, contact details, name, age, current status, etc will be on your screen.

Criminal Record

If you have any doubt about a person and you want to know the truth about him/her. Hence, you can use the TruthFinder Mod version to check all the records. Such as criminal details like arrested in past, traffic records, breaking the law, etc.

Unlimited Data Search

The most fantastic thing about TruthFinder’s modified version is that you can search unlimited data, collect unlimited information, records, etc. There is no issue, no limit, and no extra efforts will spoil your mission.

Contact Details

TruthFinder is a unique application because it provides complete contact details. Such as name, age, email address, accounts, social media accounts, etc. Every record will be in front of you and you can enjoy your job.

No Ads

TruthFinder Premium Cracked Version comes without ads and the developers have removed all of them.

How To Get TruthFinder Premium Cracked Apk Mod Version?

It is easy to get the TruthFinder Premium Cracked version and easily install it on any android device. But if you have no idea how to install a cracked version of any mobile application, then don’t worry.

  • In the first step, you have to turn on your smartphone and allow third-party apps on it.Just go to the android’s “settings”and tap on the enable button to allow “unknown sources” on your device.
  • After this setting, you have to find the TruthFinder Premium Cracked APK Download button on this website page.
  • Just a single click will help you to download the TruthFinder application on your smartphone.
  • After a few seconds, you need to get the original files of the TruthFinder Premium Cracked application on your original device storage.
  • Now you need to use the WinRar application to unzip the files.
  • In the end, you have to tap on the original application icon of TruthFinder Premium Cracked Mod and start the installation process.
  • All are successfully done, so enjoy this fantastic application.


This application is very useful for everyone and also very unique because you can collect everyone’s data so easily. All the details, contacts, and search results are just superb and surprising for everyone.

Moreover, the features, advanced options, and interface are also perfect as the users want in the mobile app. TruthFinder Premium Cracked Apk Mod is especially for those who want a secret reveal of the item.

Also, for those who don’t want to waste their money, because cracked version is totally free and available for everyone.

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