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The 10 Best Kodi Extensions Free Download Software 2021

We do comprehensive research on the 6 Best Kodi Extensions 2021 Updated and came up with our final recommendation.


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Why Add Extensions To Kodi?

Why Kodi Extensions

As I already told you about it in a previous article that dealt with Kodi and why it was the best media centralization software, you can add extensions to this software. If you want to know why you need to add extensions to Kodi, do not hesitate to consult this article.

So, since Kodi is open source, there are thousands available on the web. Our editorial staff has therefore written an article for you about the 10 best extensions for Kodi.

Top 10 Best Kodi Extensions Download Here

Top 10

1. Plex

Plex best kodi extensions

You should probably be familiar with Plex. It is an application available for almost all possible platforms, be it PC, Mac, Android, etc.

So yes but what is the point of installing Plex on our Kodi application? It’s very simple, as Kodi is media centralization software, you will be able to link Plex to it so that you can also access your media files over the network.

The concept is very simple, you upload your files to Plex from one device and everyone else can access them. This is especially effective if your devices are low on storage.

Beyond the fact that Plex is one of the best extensions for Kodi, it is one of the best apps for watching multimedia content.

2. SoundCloud

Soundcloud best kodi extensions

SoundCloud is a very widespread application around the world, it is also entitled to its Kodi version. SoundCloud is a podcast and music streaming platform. It gives you access to millions of sounds from all over the world, free to listen to. It is probably one of the best Kodi extensions available today, pending the arrival of other providers such as Spotify or Deezer.

You can create your own playlists or select your favorite albums. The interface of the application is very beautiful, it highlights music and podcasts with beautiful thumbnails and covers.

3. Libretro Compatibility

Libretro best kodi extensions

Libretro is one of the best Kodi extensions allowing you to play your retro games in the best emulation conditions. It is a derivative of RetroArch, a famous emulation application.

Once installed, you will only have to add your ROMS (game files) in Kodi to be able to access them.

Your favorite games are available to you, which have marked your life as a player or simply to discover the titles you have missed. It would be a shame to miss all these masterpieces.

4. CinemaVision Launcher

CinemaVisionLauncher best kodi extensions

It is a completely dispensable application but its use allows for better ergonomics when you watch a movie or a series.

It will bring you a better rendering of your visions and a better integration of the subtitles.

This extension will also offer you more powerful context menus.

If your goal is to improve your experience when watching video content, this is one of the best extensions for Kodi.

5. Kodi Audio Mixer

Kodi audio mixer best kodi extensions

This is a real plus for your Kodi app. It is one of the best extensions of Kodi, it allows you to modify the balances of your contents whether they are sounds or videos.

This is very practical, for example for an action movie that has sounds that are much too heavy and serious, you will be able to counterbalance them thanks to this extension.

The plugin’s interface is very simple and you’ll quickly understand how it works, even if you’re new to it.

6. Kodi Windows Installer

Kodi Windows install

Here is one of the best handy extensions for your device. This extension will allow you to install Windows on your device along with Kodi.

So why do you want to install Windows on a Kodi box for example? If you are more familiar with this operating system or if you want to use applications that only run on Windows. You might even consider installing your favorite games so that you can play them from your Kodi box.

7. RSS Editor

rss editor best kodi extensions

RSS Editor is, as the name suggests, an extension that lets you track your news feed from Kodi.

You will only have to upload your various feeds to the extension, and you will be able to follow all the news that you like.

8. CPU Benchmark

cpu benchmark best kodi extensions

So nothing there, nothing simpler, you will use Kodi on many devices including Android boxes. These often have less substantial resources than a conventional computer.

It can therefore be very interesting to follow the evolution of the performance of your device depending on what you ask it to do. If you find it useful, this is probably one of the best extensions for Kodi.

9. Popcornflix

popcornflix best kodi extensions

Popcornflix is ​​one of the best Kodi extensions for a simple reason, it’s the equivalent of Netflix (a little less complete and above all less legal). This extension offers a relatively well-supplied catalog of films and series.

However, this extension uses quite a bit of internet connection resources, so you will need a correct connection to be able to watch content.

10. HD Home Run

HDHomeRun best kodi extensions

HD HomeRun is also one of the best extensions of Kodi, it will allow you to be able to watch TV from Kodi. You have access to television channels such as TF1, France 2, France 3, Arte, and many others.

It is particularly well suited for your Kodi box.

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