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Top 4 Best Kodi Boxes Reviews of 2022 Update – Full Guide

How to choose the best Kodi box? You want to get the best kodi box, but you don’t specifically know the state of the market, who the major players are, or even what your needs are for using Kodi.
Our editorial staff will write a set of articles for you to help you see things more clearly. You will find these articles at the bottom of this page.
Following a detailed analysis of the market, we have made a selection for you of the best value for money but also the best Kodi boxes to consider during your purchase.

Best Kodi Boxes Reviews:

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Bqeel Android 9.0: the basic Kodi box


If you don’t know Bqeel, you are clearly missing out on a huge market share. This brand excels in the creation of Kodi boxes.

This first model is a fairly classic model but quite efficient. The box runs on Android 9.0, this version is the last of Android to date (this may have changed when you read this article but the box will have been updated).

This Kodi box offers a RAM of 4 GB and a ROM memory of 32 GB at the technical level. This not only ensures that the device starts up quickly, but also contributes to the fact that you should not experience any latency while using it. This is quite important since the device is supposed to run 4K. This is all the easier because the RK 3318 Quad-Core processor is one of the most powerful on the market in terms of Kodi box.

One of the only downsides could come from the fact that the design of this box is not very elaborate. A round, fairly flat case with a digital time display when it is off. But this is not really a disadvantage since it will allow you to integrate the device more easily into your furniture. Moreover, its round design makes this box stand out from the competition.

The remote control is very functional, no need to come closer to navigate the menus. You will find on the latter all the buttons necessary for the correct use of the box.

The box is supplied with all the cables necessary for its proper functioning. An HDMI cable as well as the power cable.

Bqeel Android 9.0 TV Box  TV Box: Mid-range


And yes, another ko d I box from Bqeel. There is nothing to be done, they are very good at it.

This time, the design level is a bit of a change from the previous model. A square and rounded shape. This point was the originality of the previous one and makes the model that I present to you a little more mainstream. Design level, the remote control remains the same as for the model just before, we do not change a winning team.

This Kodi box also has the latest version of Android. The box is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

The improvement is felt at the hardware level. A RAM is still 4GB but a 64GB ROM memory is installed on the device. This box must be one of the fastest starting boxes on the market. 128GB storage capacity is available but you can expand it with an SD card. An ARM Cortex-A53 processor won’t be too much to get 4K to perfection.

In terms of connections, it’s quite classic, with two USB ports including a 3.0, an SD port to add a card, an HDMI port, and an AV port. The small difference compared to the competition comes from the fact that this Kodi box offers an RJ45 port, to be able to connect your box by cable.

In summary, this box is very practical, easy to install, and has all the necessary arguments to make a perfect Kodi box.

Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K: The mini with great performance


This very simple Kodi box hides its game very well. Indeed, the performance of this Android box is absolutely crazy. Especially if you plan to use it only as a Kodi box.

In terms of the remote control design, it is perfect, the microphone is ideally placed, and a button dedicated to Netflix will allow you to directly launch the application.

A quad-core Cortex-A53 processor to be able to run 4K without any worries. A 2GB RAM is more than enough for what you are going to do with it. It may seem possible, but under this little box hides a monster of power.

In terms of connections, a Dolby sound output, an HDMI port, and a USB 2.0 port guarantee you can connect all your different systems.

The only downside that we could highlight is the non-presence of an RJ45 port, but this is quickly resolved by adding a USB Ethernet port.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro: The Rolls Royce of Kodi boxes


nvidia shield tv pro best android box

The Nvidia Shield TV Pro is probably the best Kodi box available on the market. Generally speaking, this Android box is the best for anything.

In terms of multimedia experience, this box runs all types of video quality. 4K works without a hitch. The fluidity and speed of reading are even disconcerting.

You can connect any peripheral device to this box. Whether over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can stream content from your phone or tablet directly to your box. This is much like the functionality of the Chromecast.

Regarding games, this box is clearly designed to be able to play for hours. The model supplied with the controller is preferable if you plan to play a bit. The games are adapted to have high-quality performance and the connection of a remote PC is very pleasant to play your favorite triple-As.

This Kodi box runs on the latest version of Android, so you will not have to worry about the adaptability of Kodi with your box.

If you plan to use only Kodi with this box, the model that is sold without the controller is a relevant solution, the remote control is more than enough for the use of Kodi.

The case is quite aesthetic. Its design remains sober despite a shiny part, pay attention to traces of scratches. The green notes could cool more than one but are not really noticeable and remain muted.

The connections are largely sufficient, an HDMI port, two USB ports, and an RJ45 port. Ample enough for normal use of this Kodi box.

Need of Kodi App

Kodi, what is it? What is the Kodi app for?

Kodi is a downloadable application available on all popular platforms. When we talk about Kodi, we think in particular of the PC version, the one on the Smartphone or the Android one allowing the realization of a  Kodi box. Kodi boxes are, in practice, traditional Android boxes dedicated to the use of the application of the same name.

This can be very handy when you know that Kodi can play any type of content whether audio, video, or any other type …

Kodi, in the end, is software for centralizing your entertainment. It can read almost all types of files. So you can watch your favorite movies, series, photos without worry, and you can even listen to music or even browse the web.

This is very practical and its use is recognized around the world. For example, when you buy an IPTV box, Kodi is preinstalled on the basic box. This native configuration allows you to be able to use your  Kodi box directly, without having to do the entire installation.

Some of the older ones among you will certainly remember Kodi’s old name which was XBMC. Despite their name change, Kodi has remained free and Open Source, it is also still available for all forms of  Kodi boxes.

If you have two or three knowledge of software such as Kodi, nothing prevents you from developing add-ons for Kodi. A very large number of application supplements are already offered by the community.

Installing Kodi and a Kodi box

Installing Kodi App

When it comes to your Kodi installation, nothing is that simple. Just download the app on your device in your case, it should be a Kodi box. If you are using a more traditional computer, go to the official Kodi website.

Once you have downloaded it, you will be able to start it. The first steps are relatively well guided and you should not run into any problems. If you are using a Kodi box, it is even easier to install.

Go to your device’s store and download the app just like you would any other. It’s a bit like you would on a smartphone.

The real advantage of Kodi, over a  Kodi box,  is that you can use any remote control, most of them are recognized by the software and the controls are adapted to have full use of your Kodi box.

The boxes highlighted in this article are particularly well suited to the use of the software. Obviously, remotes with quick shortcuts like Netflix or  YouTube buttons won’t necessarily help.

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