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Why buy an android box? – Where to Buy? – How to install for LED TV

We do comprehensive research on the android box Updated and came up with our final recommendation. If you are planning to buy an android box.

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What are your motivations for buying an android box? This is the first question that must be asked.

As with any purchase, you must have certain motivations before making the latter. Most people who want to buy an android box do so to find an equivalent to the Smart TV. This is indeed the main advantage of the latter.

Rather than investing in an overpriced television, favor the purchase of an android box which will be much cheaper and will have nothing to envy to Smart TVs.

Using an Android box is very practical if you want to access your multimedia content on a screen other than that of your computer. Once installed, you can add applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, or Plex.

This will allow you to access all your favorite media content. You can also install games there, for those who do not necessarily have a game console available but who still want to play it is very practical.

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Where to buy your Android Box for LED TV?

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You have finally decided on the model of the android box that you want to acquire. All that’s left is to buy it, so why not buy it online?

There are many online shopping solutions, however, the best solution is to buy it on Amazon. If you want to proceed in this way, do not hesitate to visit our article which deals with the 3 best Android TV boxes.

You can go to this article and make your purchase by clicking on one of our links. In addition, we will receive a small percentage of your purchase, this allows the writing of Tech-Analysis to live.

For your part, the price will not be higher, on the contrary, those charged by Amazon are generally the lowest on the market. By choosing Amazon, you choose safety during delivery but also security for your guarantee.

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How to Install an Android Box?


Most people who buy new high-tech equipment feel stress upon receiving it because they know they are going to have to install it. But for an android box, nothing could be simpler.

The installations are guided, you just have to follow the different steps for it to be completed.

In general, you have to configure the language, choosing it from the list of available languages. After, if you do not connect your android box with an RJ45 cable. If this is not the case, you must select your Wi-Fi network in the list and then enter the password of the latter to connect to it.

Once these few steps have been taken, the installation of your android box is almost complete. All you have to do is go to the Play Store to download the applications you will need to improve your use and be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

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FAQs / How To

Which applications to install on your android box X96Q?

Once you have made your purchase and after having configured your android box so that it meets your expectations.

I will highlight two or three must-haves to install from the first steps you take in your android box.

YouTube: The famous video hosting platform is one of the most downloaded applications in the world. And it is normal, having access to such a quantity of content and this for free constitutes a real advantage to occupy your afternoons or evenings.

Netflix: Again this app is for watching videos, but this time it’s for watching movies and series. If you have a subscription, you will have access to your favorite content.

Plex: Again in the idea of ​​being able to watch your multimedia content, this application allows access to your network video files. You can therefore upload content via a machine to your Plex account (completely free in classic use) and be able to stream it to your TV using your android box.

Kodi: This application, very simple but very practical. You just need to install it to be able to access the content that you put on a USB stick or an external hard drive in a very easy-to-understand format.

Finally, here are the main applications you will need to be able to use your Android box optimally. You are free to add other applications that will suit you as well.

android box

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