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Light Therapy Lamps Do They Work? for Depression and Sad

Based on extensive research, we came up with our final recommendation for the Best light therapy lamps in 2022 which will work for Depression. Consider light therapy lamps if you plan on purchasing them.
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The Best Light Therapy Lamps for sad of 2022!

What is a light therapy lamp?

As the name suggests, a light therapy lamp is first and foremost a lamp, but not just any type of lamp. This lamp will therefore project a light similar to that of the sun.

Why do light therapy?

Since a light therapy lamp projects light that is similar to that of the sun, you will be able to benefit from all the positive effects of the sun.

Among the many effects of light therapy, this practice can act against sleep disorders. The use of a light therapy lamp is suitable for all ages, whether in young adults or in the elderly, but should be avoided in minors without consulting your doctor.

Using a light therapy lamp will also help deal with depression, which is very practical during the winter period (but not only) which is a period of the year during which there is very little light per day.

Light therapy also helps fight Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, but many others as well.

As you will have understood, the effects of light therapy are very broad and diverse. The thing that is certain and certain is that the use of such a lamp will only benefit you.

Our selection of light therapy lamps for depression and psoriasis:

The best entry level

This light therapy lamp is quite original, especially for its price. It is actually an alarm clock, but not just any alarm clock. This will allow you to wake up gently and in light, this technique ensures a less stressful awakening and you will also feel much healthier.

The light therapy lamp will use a very well thought out system to wake you up. It will simulate light in an increasing way, starting at 10% brightness and going up to 100%. You will wake up at the scheduled time with ideal brightness. You can choose the “before wake-up” time at which the alarm clock will start to light up.

The device can be configured in 12h or 24h mode.

In addition to light, you can ask your alarm clock for sound. A library of 7 natural sounds (birdsong, ocean waves, streams…) or even the FM radio will improve your start of the day.

It is not only the sound that you can configure with this alarm clock. You will also be able to change the brightness levels. A choice of 7 colors in total, this lamp can therefore be used as a mood lamp. Intensity is also changeable, with 20 different levels. It is particularly practical to use it as a bedside lamp without damaging your eyes.

  • Original
  • Price
  • Product quality
  • Integrated alarm clock

Not made for use at any time of the day

The best mid-range

After presenting you with an alarm clock, we return to a more traditional light therapy lamp . It is a lamp to which you will have to expose yourself during more or less sessions in order to benefit from the maximum benefits of sunlight. The use of light therapy is very practical during winter, a period during which the days are quite short and therefore exposure to the sun also.

Using this light therapy lamp will therefore help you fight the negative symptoms associated with winter. Including hormonal imbalance and lack of energy.

To use it, you will have to place it about twenty centimeters from you and turn it on. You will be exposed to 10,000 lux, which is a perfect intensity for regular use.

To provide this brightness, the light therapy lamp uses LED light technology. This ensures very low power consumption.

The device is 22cm by 20cm, so it won’t take up a lot of space and will be easy to store.

  • Price
  • Ease of use
Not usable in all positions

The best high-end: light therapy lamp from Beurer

Once again, a light therapy lamp from Beurer. Beurer has stood out by offering high quality products with very positive results.

Like the previous option, you will be exposed to an intensity of 10,000 lux. You can program the duration of your session using the dial on the front of the device. This command allows you to use your new light source very quickly. The manufacturer recommends placing the device about fifteen centimeters from you when you use it.

But that’s not the only difference from the previous model. This time you can adjust the position of the device. There are a total of 3 different positions that you can make the device take, depending on how you are installed and how you position the device.

This light therapy lamp is slightly larger than the previous one since it has a size of 51 by 34 centimeters.

The article obtains a fairly high overall rating in terms of customer reviews, with many customers highlighting the positive effects of light therapy.

  • Adjustable position
  • Ease of use
Not usable in all positions

Editorial choice for this light therapy lamp

To finish our selection of the best light therapy lamps , obviously a model from Beurer.

The TL 80 lamp from Beurer will help you fight the negative symptoms that are linked to the winter season. We think in particular of winter depression, lack of energy and motivation. This light therapy lamp will also restore the hormonal imbalance.

This model of 39 centimeters by 32 offers an intensity of 10 000 lux. The brand suggests placing yourself close enough to the device to have maximum positive effects.

This light therapy lamp also offers an adjustable foot to be able to position it in the most suitable way according to your needs. But this time it does not offer 3 preformatted positions but a well adjustable and positionable over the entire rotation.

The lamp is very easy to use, a simple on / off button to start and turn it off. Let the sun shine in your home with a simple gesture. Effective against all the dark months of the year. You will find with regular use that the light therapy lamp has a considerable effect on mood in everyday life.

  • Adjustable position in any angle
  • Ease of use
  • Ultra efficient
Price a bit high

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