X96 Android TV Box Review

X96 Android TV Box Review – Where to buy? Full Updated Guide

Research has been done on the X96 Android TV Box in 2021 Updated and we have come up with a final recommendation. Here you can buy a Mini TV Box if you are planning to do so.
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What is an x96 box?

X96 Box

More and more Android TV boxes appear in the homes of Mr. and Mrs. “everyone”, these boxes have uses as diverse as they are varied. It can in particular be used as a kodi box , a Netflix box or to be able to use IPTV.

Android boxes therefore transform our classic televisions into Smart TVs. The x96 box is very famous for being used as an IPTV box, find out what are the reasons for this use with this box in this article.

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What are the advantages of an x96 box?

The advantages are quite obvious and easy to put forward.

In terms of design, nothing more classic and more sober. This case is square and black. It is matte black with some glossy finishes. This will allow a very discreet insertion in your living room furniture. It is quite small so it won’t be too bulky.

When it comes to performance, its Quadcore processor assures you that there will be no latency when watching your favorite series. This x96 box has only one Giga of RAM, which is more than enough for the use of IPTV. In general, more traditional Android boxes have far too much RAM memory compared to what is actually used. But if you want to be sure that your new entertainment companion has no problem, you can go for the 2GB RAM version. The device also has 8GB of ROM, which allows the device to boot very quickly.

If you are worried about the connections present on the machine, do not worry any longer. All the necessary connections are present on the x96 box . An Ethernet port, an HDMI port and audio connections to be able to add a sound bar. USB ports are also present on the side of the device to be able to add a memory extension. You can also add a micro SD card.

Regarding the display, this x96 box allows the display of 4K. The basic box with 1GB of RAM is more than sufficient, even if from time to time you may notice a slight latency which does not appear on the version with 2GB. Nothing really disturbing but it might annoy video quality purists.


As for the Internet connection, it can be done either via Wi-Fi or wired. One of the interesting features of the x96 box is to be able to stream the content of the box on any device as long as it is connected to the same Internet connection. It’s a bit similar to what the Chromecast from Google can offer .

As for the remote control, it has no apparent defect. It is perfectly suited to the use of IPTV or a media center. Please note that batteries are not supplied with the remote control.

In terms of the various user opinions that this x96 box has been able to collect, it generally obtains 5 star ratings. Its ease of installation gets 4 stars, its value for money also gets 4. For those who are worried about not knowing how to use this box perfectly, don’t worry, it gets an average of 4.1 stars out of 5 for ease of use.

If we should find only one negative point with this x96 box , it is that it is not yet with you!


Regarding the installation of your x96 box , don’t worry! This box is very quick to install, you just have to plug it in, pass a few configuration panels and the case is in the bag.

The only notable point during installation is to connect the infrared sensor so that the remote control is recognized.

Are all applications compatible?

When you buy an android box in China, there can often be compatibility problems with the French Playstore. This has already been seen on several Android boxes available on the market.

With the x96 box , this concern is irrelevant . All the apps you download will be fully functional. Whether gaming applications or multimedia applications.

Final Words


In conclusion, the x96 box is a very powerful android box. It will suit all uses. Whether for multimedia, for IPTV or for gaming.

This x96 box will be a perfect purchase for your daily use.

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