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What is Chromebook? Why buy ? What kind of user?

Chromebook what is it? For starters, it is a very good economical alternative for those who wish to acquire a computer or replace their own. The Chromebooks run under a different operating system (other than Windows and Mac OS).

This implies that you have to download your apps in a slightly different way as well. This is done through the Playstore, you won’t have to look for them on the internet as you traditionally do.

The price of a Chromebook is generally lower than that of a conventional computer. This is perfect for students for example, or for those who do not have great use of their device. If you only consume online content, for example, Chromebooks are perfect for you.

Also important information, there are no viruses on Chromebooks, so no need to protect them with an antivirus.

Our editorial staff was fortunate enough to be able to test and give full descriptions of Chromebook:

  • Asus Chromebook C423
  • Acer Chromebook CB5-312T

How to choose your Chromebook Operating System in Android and Laptop?

Operating System

With the multitude of Chromebook offerings on the market, you might be a little confused. This is why Tech-Analyze puts forward for you the best devices on the market but also the best quality/price ratios.

What are the criteria to watch out for when purchasing?

  • The Price: Although most Chromebooks are priced very well for their performance, you still have to be careful. Particularly because you can find much more efficient devices for the same price. We advise you to refer to our articles before making your purchase.
  • The quality of the material: this is often related to the price. The quality of the material is essential when choosing your Chromebook. This will have a huge impact on your performance, speed, display, and storage capacities.
  • Security: One of the major advantages of Chromebooks is that they do not require the installation of an anti-virus. Chrome OS is “equipped” with a firewall that protects you from threats on the web. Don’t be afraid of viruses or data theft, with a Chromebook you don’t risk anything. Especially since the majority of your data will be stored online, it is in particular security against the physical theft of your device.
  • Speed: The OS for Chromebooks is designed to make the most of the resources your device has under the hood. In general, they are equipped with very good processors. This is very important for the classic tasks that you are going to do with your devices, such as word processing or presentations.
  • The screen: For the devices, you are going to use, your Chromebook must have a fairly good screen. This way you can use it even if the place is poorly lit or even too bright. It will also depend on the visual rendering you want. If, for example, you consume a lot of video content, it may be worth choosing a device with a very good screen.

The Google ecosystem: acquiring a Chromebook is above all acquiring the ecosystem made in Google. This is very convenient because it is basically based on the online storage of your files. You will therefore be able to read your documents wherever you are (thanks to applications such as Google Docs, Google Sheet, etc.). Even if you do not have Internet access, the changes you have made offline will automatically update with your documents. For applications, you will have to go through the Google Play Store as you could on a cell phone.

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What kind of user is a Chromebook for?

So here is a very good question, will you use a Chromebook. No matter your case, using a Chromebook can be very beneficial.

For people who are already in the working life, this computer is very practical because all the classic tasks are optimized. Internet use is optimized there, loading times are very short, you will hardly see the wait during your use.

The Chromebooks are particularly recommended if you are a student. Indeed, these relatively inexpensive devices represent the ideal companion for all students. They are generally suitable for word processing with the most ergonomic keyboards possible.

If you are someone who uses your computer very little, and primarily uses it to connect to the Internet, Chromebooks are for you too.

In conclusion, no matter your level of use, you will find utility in a Chromebook but above all good savings.

What are the best apps for your Chromebook?

We will highlight for you the best applications for your Chromebook. Following a detailed analysis of what is offered in the store, we can now present to you which to choose first.

Skype: you must know the famous online calling platform. This allows you to make voice calls but also video calls. You will only need an Internet connection.

Google Drive: your new Chromebook being Google labeled, you absolutely need Google Drive, this will allow you to store all your files online. It’s a bit like the concept of the Chromebook since it has very little memory on board.

Office Online: Very handy if you are a student or might need to write/take ours to your work. You will find in this pack the classic office suite, made up of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and all the others.

Why Chromebook

Why buy a Chromebook?

As I detailed in a previous article, buying a Chromebook can mean several things.

  • The very advantageous price of Chromebooks compared to the price of a traditional computer.
  • Very simplified use
  • Convenient for people with little use, especially if you only consume online content. These devices are particularly suitable for Internet use. It will be faster and smoother than with a conventional computer.
  • In terms of storage space, everything is done online. You will have an internal memory that will automatically synchronize with your Cloud. You should never lose any files again.
  • Convenient for students, light and yet with very long battery life, perfect for going to class.
  • The Playstore is very well supplied, you will find all the applications that will improve your use of the device.
  • The design, Chromebooks are designed to be very light. The design of these devices is therefore optimized for that, which makes them very sober and aesthetic.

Here is a summary of some of the benefits of your Chromebook, a more in-depth analysis will follow.

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