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Best Modern War Games Strategy PS4 Free For PC, Mac, Android, iOS

Here we’ll tell you some war games strategy that could engage or entertain you more as much as you want. So now you can find a million war games strategy on your PC, which may give you excitement in the video battle games.

One more thing is that it can engage you as much as you can and also create so many entertainments for you.

The best war games strategy has always been a good story for everyone even though you can play against your friends as well.

We have a high fantasy, sci-fi, or based on historical events in the war games.

There are two main categories in the war games strategy: Free Online

-Real-time strategy games.

-Turn-based strategy games.

Anything can happen faster in real-time strategy games. It has a rich story on the other hand gameplay. You will have to complete the smaller mission that may lead you through the story while you are reaching your specific goal in order to survive in the real-time strategy games.

Turn-based strategy games are a little bit longer than the real-time strategy games. When you have completed your goals then the player could feel real power in the turn based strategy games. If you really like a list of war games strategy, they must share the best games with your friends.

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War Strategy Games

1-Total War:

The total war is one most likely best well-known strategy games all the time, with the balance between real-time and turn-based gameplay.

With playing total war games, it may take you a long time as much as you want to play in days, weeks, or even months to finish your target. After that, it will create your interest more and more.

It has become one of the best entertaining games all the time. Lots of variation comes in this total war game and it has made a wide history throughout Europe, America, and Japan.

If you love to play some historical games then must play the total war serial.

2-Civilization 6:

Civilization 6 is also a great turn-based game where your basic goal is to lead a civilization throughout the time the stone age to the modern days.

In this civilization 6 games, some military form management can be enjoyed. There are so many civilizations to choose from in this war games strategy.

The great part is that it is great to work on your path at different times. In civilizations, you need to create your research to improve your culture, technology, and military as well.

Every time you can have a different experience by choosing a civilization map. If you like strategy games then civilization is a perfect game for you so must-visit these games.

3-Company of Heroes:

It was discovered in 2006 and second in 2013 but both are still amazing for fun. In this real-time strategy video game, you’ll get a real experience like a second world war.

It is one of the fastest mission games which you have never been played before and also can be enjoyed with your friend in multiplayer mode.

The major goal of every mission is to capture the strategic point and generate the resources in which you are building your base like soldiers, vehicles, or crush your opponents.

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