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Storyscape MOD APK/IOS Download v1.0.2 – Unlimited Diamonds

Here we are going guide you about Storyscape MOD APK which is really fascinating and unique game that provide lots of fun for everyone.

There are plenty of games on the internet. The developers introduce new and unique games on every day. Millions of games entertain every player with its features and functions. That’s why people take interest in this field.

This is a good platform to do fun with your family and friends. Similarly, the Storyscape MOD apk is an excellent game for the android device.

There are several benefits of the Storyscape MOD version. It provides all the abilities to unlock the stories. As it is a storyline game, the book readers take interest in this.

This storyline game has a bundle of stories. The stories contain on Romance, Love, Dramatic, Horror, adventure, and many more. All the stories are famous stories from around the world. Thus, the famous stories make this game popular in the entire world.

Storyscape MOD apk provides us a wonderful display and interface. It runs smoothly in any android device. Thus, the story will also play as well. It doesn’t create any issue while playing. The right side of the app has the menu bar.

So, the player can use it to do anything as he/she wants. In the menu bar, there are many options available to use before entering the story.

However, game stories are more interesting and easy to understand. There are many more stories that people play repeatedly. Though, the Titanic story also added in Storyscape. The graphics of the game are also adorable.

Moreover, the characters are so beautiful and well dressed. The player has the ability to select his/her favorite character in their story. The story contains different queries. So, the players can play it as his/her mentality.

The most excellent thing is that Storyscape MOD apk removes all ads. So, the ads will not interrupt while playing. 

Storyscape Mod Apk Game Information:

Download APK / Mod Latest Version

storyscape mod apk Storyscape Mod
Mod Features Unlimited Diamonds & Unlimited Tickets
Platform Android, IOS
Size 22M
Need Root/Jailbreak? No
Price Free

Types of Stories: Storyscape Mod Apk

Storyscape MOD apk contains on most famous stories. There are many types of stories. All types of stories are as follows:

Romantic: The romantic stories are very interesting. These are full of romance and feelings. The reader or player will feel all the emotions on each step. It is just for romance lovers and they attracted quickly. The most sensitive scenes are added to this category.

Adventure: This type of story are also popular just because of the beautiful places. The adventure stories provide the two ways. So, the player has to choose anyone. Thus, the whole story based on the player’s mentality.

Horror: The horror stories lover playing this game to feel horror and drama. These types of stories are most interesting than horror movies. This story displays at the night and then the player has to go to horror places.

Action or Dramatic: The action stories are like action movies. The dramatic stories lover enjoy it. The player can select his/her favorite character and then play it to start reading g the story.

Love: The love stories are different than romantic stories. Because in this category, the player can select a favorite character and then choose different queries. So, the story will be held on the player’s mentality. Thus, the male or female character will have to find their love.

Major Features

Features of Storyscape MOD Apk

The Storyscape MOD apk provides a lot of features to its players. The excellent features are as follows:

Attractive Content 

Storyscape MOD apk provides attractive and interesting content to its users. All the stories contain emotions, drama, and action. So, it is the real thing that people attracted to it.

Unexpected Events

The Storyscape MOD apk version provides the events that are totally unexpected. The player has to go through challenges and difficulties. So, the player can easily face all the problems and go ahead. Thus, the players also the one who holds the fate of that character.

Unlock Events

As the Storyscape MOD apk provides the ability to unlock any event. So, the user has no need to purchase the keys to unlock his/her favorite event. So, this MOD version really beneficial for you.

Happy or Sad 

As the Storyscape MOD apk provides the different stories. So, the stories are based on your mood. Like if you are happy, then you can choose the happy mod. Similarly, if you are sad, then you will choose the sad query. So, it totally depends on the player’s behavior.

Play your way 

This feature is more interesting because it depends on the player’s mood. So, the player has the ability to choose his/her favorite ways. So, the story will turn into that way easily.

Interesting Communications 

The user can communicate with the character easily. So, the player has to start a conversation with his game character during the story play. This simple and short conversation will not bore you. Because it will be interesting and full of fun.


  • Android 4.1 versions or more
  • Data connection Minimum 3G, while 4G
  • Wi-Fi 2 MBs per second
FAQs / How To

How to Install the Storyscape MOD apk? 

1. Uninstall the previous Version

First of all, you have to uninstall the previous version of the Storyscape MOD apk.

2. Give access to download apps manually 

Here you need to go into your device “Settings” to open the security sources. Then tap on the “Allow” button to give access to it.

3. Searching

The user has to go to “Google Chrome” and use the search bar and type the Storyscape MOD apk. You have to go to visit the websites.

4. Download 

There will be the button of Download, so click on it and waiting for the process.

5. Extract Files

Go to the extracting app (WinRAR) and extract the downloaded file. It requires a few seconds.

6. Install 

In the end “Click” on the file and press the “Install” button. It also requires a few seconds. Your Storyscape MOD apk app is ready. Enjoy!

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