How to pair a Bluetooth headset

How To Pair a Bluetooth Headset to PS4, Iphone, Computer and Window 10

Here we will show the easy steps on How to pair a Bluetooth headset to PS4, Iphone, Computer and Window 10, which will very useful for you.

The question may seem quite simple, how to pair a Bluetooth headset , but when we see all the technologies available to connect a headset, we think that the task may not be that simple.

How to pair a Bluetooth headset

Pair Bluetooth Headset

If you are wondering how to connect a Bluetooth headset, the first step is to know how your headset works. In general, there is a dedicated button for activating Bluetooth or you have to hold down the “power” button for a few seconds. In this case, with my Beats Solo 3 Wireless , you have to hold the “power” button for 5 seconds.


The rest takes place on your device. In this case, I chose to pair a Bluetooth headset with my Android smartphone. Start by scrolling down the menu, and hold down the Bluetooth button.


Once in this menu, two possibilities are available to you:

  • The headset has never been paired before
  • The helmet has already been

If the headset has never been, you must search for available devices.


After a few seconds, your headset will appear in the list of devices that can be connected. Click on it and associate it.

In the second case, all you need to do is go to the list of previously connected devices and select your headset once it’s turned on. Even though most headsets offer automatic connection these days.

Well here it is, you now know how to connect your Bluetooth headset to all types of devices.

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