Grand Theft Auto IV Download

Grand Theft Auto IV Download For Mobile, PC or Windows 7/10

Grand Theft Auto IV PC Video Game comes with fantastic gameplay, superb features, High-quality graphics, HQ sound, Fantastic Gameplay, and Challenging Missions. You can enjoy this game with a wonderful story, missions, and it is full of action.

This game is especially for offline PC players who want to play the video game without the internet. It is the version of GTA Grand Theft Auto but comes with more advanced technologies. Thus, you can do several things which were not allowed in early versions.

GTA IV’s story is based on three famous characters who are living in the worst city of America. They have to make money and status to live a happy life. Moreover, these characters have different missions by their own life stories.

Because everyone has different life experiences, skills, and they face several obstacles. They face a lack of money and lose their jobs. Their stories are really very interesting and players take an interest to know each and everything about those famous characters. They are stuck in this city and know want to escape from there.

The Gameplay of Grand Theft Auto IV The Complete Edition Goldberg Free Download

This version of GTA is really simple and amazing than all the early versions. It is based on the story and every character has to complete several missions to achieve their life goals.

For this, they will face many difficulties, problems, and obstacles but the player can make it more interesting by completing all the challenges. The missions will be easy and the character has to kill the terrorists.

In GTA IV, you have to escape from your enemies also escape from the police. This game is called an action game because you have to kill all the enemies and police to reach your mission point.

Thus, the different plot twists enhance the interest and it is the same as grand theft auto. The police killing scene is full of action and you will see the hundreds of police, army vehicles around you. Thus, you can make your game more interesting by using powerful weapons, Grenades, snipers, etc.

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System Requirements for Grand Theft Auto IV PC Game

To play Grand Theft Auto IV on your PC, you have to keep an eye on system requirements. Otherwise, you will never play this game on your PC. The recommended system requirements are as follows:

Windows OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Processor:  AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4GHz or Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz

Memory RAM: 1.5GB

Minimum Graphics Required: 256MB Nvidia 7900 or 256MB ATI X1900

Hard Disk Space Required: 22 GB

Sound Card: 5.1 Channel Audio Card

Major Features

Features of Grand Theft Auto IV The Complete Edition Goldberg Free Download

You have several features of this fantastic video game and you will enjoy GTA Grand Theft Auto IV more. These are as follows:

3D Graphics

The graphics provide extra fun and players enjoy playing their favorite game 3D graphics. Everything looks real and it enhances the fun.

HQ Sound

The game music is also amazing and the players love it. Moreover, the sound of vehicles, walking steps, the horn of vehicles, weapons sound, shooting sound, etc increase the excitement.

Fast and Smooth Movement

The movement of characters, vehicles, and weapons is very smooth and fast as the players want. It will not disappoint you because of the advanced options added to solve every problem.

Friendly UI

The GTA Grand Theft Auto IV has a friendly, smooth, flexible user interface. Thus, the app runs smoothly in the recommended operating system and makes it more entertaining.

Smooth and Flexible Controls

The game controls are also very smooth and flexible. So, the player will like to control the character and other objects like weapons, vehicles, etc.

How to Download and Install Grand Theft Auto IV PC Game

  • The Grand Theft Auto IV PC Game Free Downloadfile link is provided and you can download it. So, click on the download link without any hesitation.
  • Now you can use WinZip and unzip the file to your desktop quickly.
  • After this, you have to click to run the PC Installer .exe.
  • Now you can simply open the Grand Theft Auto IV file and also follow the instructions to install it in your Windows OS.
  • All is done, now start the game.
Final Words


Grand Theft Auto IV The Complete Edition Goldberg Free Download is available for everyone and GTA lovers enjoy this offer. You have several missions, challenges, features, an interesting story, and an awesome interface which increases the fun.

So, you can get the app file and install it in your operating system after accepting all the rules and requirements. The whole gameplay, story, and interesting things are explained in this article, so now you can enjoy it a lot.

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