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Forza Horizon 4 Ps4: How to Get Game Controller Pro Store

In this article, I will guide you Forza Horizon 4 PS4 How to Get Game Controller Pro Store Download which is very helpful for you.

How to Get 5 Games Similar Forza Horizon 4 Ps4 If You’re Seeing for Something Related:

How To Get

If you’re a PlayStation 4 owner who has been jealous of those playing Forza on Xbox One or PC, we’re here to help with five games like Forza on PS4 if you’re looking for something similar.

Dirt 4 Pro Store

The latest entry in a franchise that continues to influence rally racing games in a great way, Dirt 4 has plenty to dig into for even the most discerning racing game fan.

Offering a wide range of track options both remade and randomly generated, the game has plenty of depth for those who enjoy some variety in where they race.

A big part of this is thanks to the different countries each track can be found in. Overall, there are five different countries players can race through, from warm and sunny locals to more dreary and rain-soaked ones.

Each country’s weather conditions provide boons or hazards to consider as well.

The wide-open, dry turns found along a track in Michigan will be far easier to get through than the tight, ice-packed turns of a road in Finland, and need to be addressed as such.

Throw in the wide array of vehicles from across different racing eras and competitive classes and the end result is a racing game well worth the price of admission.

Driveclub Free Download

forza horizon 4 ps4 game

Though newer to the racing genre than some other entries on this list, Driveclub proved a surprisingly capable offering and promising addition to the PS4’s library of exclusives.

Providing an impressive array of racing options for players to choose from, and across tracks in countries ranging from Norway and Canada to Chile or India, the game has no shortage of different events for players to take part in.

There is a wide range of different vehicles to choose from as well. Each of the game’s stock vehicles is beautifully recreated, and with dozens more available for download, the roster can quickly become jam-packed with options.

That’s without even touching on the game’s main draw. Players can come together online to form their own club and compete with others to determine whose club is the best.

This is done not only by competing in online races together but also by completing special challenges while they do it. This could mean finishing the race in a certain amount of time or avoiding certain hazards throughout the entire race.

For each challenge completed and race won, the player gains experience and rewards that can lead to new vehicles and even more content to keep them firmly glued to their controller.

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Project CARS 2: Forza Horizon 4 Ps4

After a less than perfect first entry, Project CARS 2proved not only capable of realizing the series potential but also that it could be a contender for one of the best racers of the generation.

A motorsport racer with a roster of 182 vehicles to choose from, along with 46 tracks that boast 121 different layouts total, the game is worth playing for the sheer amount of content and gameplay variation.

Learning to best utilize each vehicle on each track, and then translate what you’ve learned to the different layouts, is a blast to play whether you’re online or playing on your own.

This is all the more entertaining when you factor in the different weather conditions for each track. Each can provide a benefit or hazard to the track, offering that much more depth between one race and the next.

Being a new series, there are still some kinks to work out here and there, but with a sequel confirmed to be in the works, fans of the genre won’t want to pass up on this glimpse of what’s to come.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

A long-awaited re-release of a beloved racing classic, Burnout Paradise Remastered is an innovative take on the racing genre that still provides plenty of fun a decade on from its release.

Set in an open world full of different race modes to explore, Paradise offers players the choice of how and when they’d like to race.

In the mood for a standard competition along a city route? Drive to a designated position and challenge some racers. Out to send some friends careening into the air on some tight turns? Press a button and dive straight into the action.

This can all be done with a decent selection of vehicles, all of which are loosely based on real-world models and have their own strengths and weaknesses to uncover.

Admittedly, the game doesn’t have many customization options aside from new paint jobs or decals, and modern innovations like weather conditions not being included can show the title’s age.

And yet, for those who want some pure and refined racing action with a twist, there are few better options than this.

Gran Turismo Sport

forza horizon 4 ps4 download

While it may not have the range of modes or track conditions that other titles offer, Gran Truism Sport is undoubtedly one of the highest fidelity racers on the market today.

Providing a huge stable of vehicles to choose from, the game offers some of the highest attention to detail around. Everything from the individual panels of a car’s body to the finish of its paint is uncanny, both while stopped and during races.

This attention to detail applies to the gameplay as well, with each class of cars providing different quirks and aspects players need to understand to succeed.

This could mean learning the proper timing to brake in a Porsche vs. a Trans Am, or whether a certain track variant calls for a vehicle that can handle its bumps and hazards.

The game still sees new content and updates from developer Polyphony Digital as well, making it a title that’s likely to remain in racing game fan’s rotations for the foreseeable future.

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