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The 10 Best Poker Twitch Streamers of 2023 [Updated]

The online era has embraced the classic game of poker and given it a new home – Twitch. This platform has become a hub for poker enthusiasts globally, providing an unparalleled peek into the world of high stakes, strategies, and the personalities behind the cards. With numerous Twitch streamers focusing on poker, the choice can be overwhelming. Here, we bring you a curated list of the top ten poker Twitch streamers, offering you an insight into their poker journey and unique features that make them stand out in the crowd.

Elias “ZerosPoker” Gutierrez

Elias Gutierrez, known by his alias “ZerosPoker,” commands the top spot in the poker streaming world. Based in Tokyo, Japan, this Spanish professional poker player has carved a niche for himself, with an average viewership exceeding 4,500.

Gutierrez isn’t merely playing poker online; he paints a picture with every move, leaving viewers in awe of his strategy. His crowning achievement came when he claimed the SCOOP title on PokerStars in April 2021, earning nearly $175k. His stream is a go-to place for anyone wanting to learn from one of the best.

Lex “LexVeldhuis” Veldhuis

On the second spot, we have Lex Veldhuis, alias “LexVeldhuis,” representing PokerStars. With an average viewership of over 3,300, Lex is a force to be reckoned with in the Twitch poker world.

Lex isn’t just a poker player; he’s a storyteller. His live earnings have reached nearly $700,000, and his online winnings have surpassed the $3.3 million mark on PokerStars. His biggest live score was a 7th-place finish in a $40k WSOP event in 2009, where he won $277k. Lex’s stream is an engaging mix of poker strategies and captivating anecdotes from his poker career.

Andrey “DreadzTV” Golubev

Next up, we have Andrey Golubev, a former professional DOTA2 player turned poker streamer. Known as “DreadzTV,” Golubev represents the GGPoker skin PokerOK and boasts an average viewership of 2,720.

Golubev’s stream is a testament to his transition from a professional gamer to a poker streamer. His gameplay is dynamic, reflecting his unique understanding of strategy and competition.

Benjamin “bencb” Rolle: RaiseYourEdge

Benjamin Rolle, popularly known by his moniker “bencb,” is the founder of the poker training site Raise Your Edge. With an average viewership of just over 2,600, Rolle offers viewers a glimpse into the world of poker from a trainer’s perspective.

Rolle’s live earnings hover around $100k, but his notable online win was in a SCOOP super high roller poker tournament in 2016, where he earned almost $1.2 million. His stream is a must-watch for players seeking to elevate their game with insights from a seasoned trainer.


The fifth spot is held by TritonPoker, focusing on live poker content surrounding high-stakes Triton Poker events. This channel draws an average of 2,525 viewers.

TritonPoker offers a thrilling blend of live poker and commentary, making it an excellent choice for fans of high-stakes poker events.

Ben “Spraggy” Spragg

Known by his alias “Spraggy,” Ben Spragg is a PokerStars representative who attracts an average viewership of 1,962. Spraggy’s streams are engaging, not just for his poker prowess but for his affable personality. His biggest live win was a 6th place finish in the Irish Open in 2013, winning $40,108.

Kevin “kevinmartin” Martin

Kevin Martin, known by his alias “kevinmartin,” is a Canadian-based poker streamer with an average viewership of 1,353.

Martin has live earnings of over $360k, and his notable achievements include multiple wins and final tables in the Calgary poker series for over $170,000 Canadian (~$135,000 USD). Martin’s stream is a captivating blend of professional gameplay and personal anecdotes.

Alejandro “PapoMC” Lococo

Alejandro Lococo, also known as “PapoMC,” is a prominent figure in the Twitch poker scene. This Argentinian rapper-turned-poker player represents PokerStars and has live earnings of over $2.2 million.

Lococo’s unique combination of poker and rap is a breath of fresh air in the poker streaming community. His most notable achievement came in 2021 when he finished 7th in the WSOP Main Event, earning $1.2 million.

Parker “tonkaaaaP” Talbot

Parker Talbot, known as “tonkaaaaP,” is a Canadian poker streamer with an average viewership of 1,209.

Talbot’s live earnings surpass $750k, with his biggest live score being a 6th place finish in the EPT Prague Main Event in 2018, winning just over $200k. Talbot’s streams are a blend of high-level poker and personal stories that resonate with viewers.


Rounding out the top ten poker streams on Twitch is Winamax. This French online poker giant is dedicated to online poker action with the Winamax Stream Gang and averages 995 viewers in 30 days.

Winamax provides a unique blend of competitive gameplay and commentary, providing poker enthusiasts with a rich viewing experience.


In conclusion, the world of Twitch poker streaming is a treasure trove of engaging content featuring a diverse range of poker professionals with unique playing styles and personalities. From high-stakes gameplay to in-depth strategy discussions, these streamers offer something for every poker enthusiast.

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